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10 technologies that our children will not know anymore

Generation Y

Two weeks ago I was allowed to participate in a panel around the theme of generation Y. And when the own age, the peculiarities of a whole generation and the techniques of the present are discussed, the world of thought is already stimulated. First of all, it was reassuring for me that I was by no means the only panelist who did not know what to do with the term "Generation Y". The generation following after the Baby Boomers and the Generation X was around the year 2000 around the age of teenagers and is therefore often referred to as "Digital Native" or "Millenial".


Like every generation, which grows up with its own technologies and cultural techniques, the own socio-cultural environment results in corresponding imprints, which are the subject of such a panel. So the question was whether in the face of the rapid developments of the computer age with Generation Y, once again separate peculiarities, more specialized knowledge or even completely new worlds of ideas are combined. In case of doubt everything was always better in the past and yet the confrontation with the digital generation allows many new insights.

But the old insights are interesting - and if it is only for nostalgic reasons. First and foremost, I thought about which technologies our children will no longer even experience and get to know about obsolescence. In the following, therefore, a small nostalgia list of technologies that some of the generation Y (and beyond) will probably still keep in mind, but their content for our children will rather represent Bohemian villages.

Cassettes - From listening to music in two directions

Music CassettesThe classic of youth entertainment! What could be better than inserting a cassette in the cassette recorder and then listening to the sounds of current music? Okay, up-to-date was sometimes relative, because actually cassettes were often a hodgepodge of recorded and dubbed songs dar. The term "Mix Tape" came to his mark and it will probably be quite an adventure to explain to their own offspring once that a cassette synonymous could be turned around and heard in the other direction.

Not to mention the coils and the resulting noise. With a mix of drowsiness and today-I-can-laugh-attitude, some people might remember the band salad that cassettes once liked to produce, and that was sometimes effectively eliminated with a high-tech tool called a pencil.

Sony's Walkman - A Cultural Revolution

FirstwalkmanWhere we are already on the subject of cassettes: Hardly anyone may imagine in the future, what a revolution of technology combined with the Walkman. That portable player, which was one of Sony's success stories and made music available on the go - beyond wearing a "boombox" (a tape recorder with gigantic batteries). Meanwhile, the brand name has long become a generic name for the entire segment of portable music, but has been replaced by iPod, MP3 players and smartphones.

VHS tapes - what was that?

VHSOh, and another addendum in terms of cassettes: Some people are sure synonymous still the good old VHS cassette, the storage medium that had prevailed against actually better technology and with which every citizen his video content reproduced. A memory module with which up to five hours running time could be reproduced (even more in longplay mode) depending on the make and which you had to rewind after consuming a movie. Who can imagine today that video libraries awarded penalties when a videocassette was not rewound?

That a movie could be quickly deleted even if you put the VHS cassette too close to a magnet? Or that one had to stick Tesa strips over parts of the cassette exactly like with the music carriers, one wanted to record something new on it. Considering how quickly the DVD was replaced as a carrier medium, the VHS cassette for our children should probably be one of the gray ancestors to store videos.

NES, Super Nintendo & Co - The Gamblers

Another pleasure will be to explain to our children that video games on consoles used to not be played by BlueRay discs or data sticks, but that there were so-called cartridges containing games of the incredible size of a few kilobytes. That video game consoles like the NES had a whopping 2K of RAM and up to 52 colors, and that playing was (or was) incredibly fun.

That consoles sometimes needed passwords to regain their game progress, or that there were only pads with cables for which vibration and control sticks were foreign words for a long time. It used to make a difference whether you were a fan of Nintendo or Sega, or if you even belonged to the Commodore faction.

8-bit sounds - sounds for nostalgics

TetrisgbSome video game nostalgics will surely miss the skilful music backing of the old console generations. Those who were accustomed to coordinating the dropping of Tetris bricks to 8-bit fuss or maneuvering Mario through tube worlds are now certainly impressed by the professionally orchestrated soundtracks of the video game world and a little disappointed at the same time. The typical sound may not die completely, but the Chiptune movement has developed its own musical genre, which takes these artificial sounds into account. Nevertheless, it is actually a must for every video games lover to keep some old Nintendo, Sega or Commodore sounds ready for his offspring.

CRT - crackling with tension

Advertisement, RFT Color 20, TV With tube televisions the hair could stand on end - in the truest sense of the word. When the electrons hit the viewing screen in the device, which was often quite deep, it caused such a static charge that the hair in the immediate vicinity was exposed to light. Anyway, black and white only seem like a relic of the prehistoric times, but the fact that televisions used to be deeper than a few centimeters and have a picture tube that empties into a curved matte screen might be funny to our kids.

At the latest when they move, they will be glad to no longer have to carry such devices and also the image quality of the old television guard was in today's device class in some after. Although it created a charm of its own in connection with the VHS cassette and its flicker.

Cord and dial phones - please, what?

If our children once again get their hands on old US television series, where the protagonists are pulling meter-long telephone lines through the kitchen, they may get an idea of ​​how the phone calls used to be. As the listener hung with a cord on the dialing machine and you had to turn a phone number dial and was extremely annoying when you betrayed in between. That in Germany once the post office was responsible for this infrastructure, may then be difficult to believe. Who knows, even the telephone booth, in which one pays for his telephone calls by coin or telephone card, could then have been replaced by the age of the mobile phone.

5.25 and 3.5 inch floppy disks - The storage totems

DisketteThis number you have to let melt on your tongue once: Between 80 and 3520 KB ranked the memory sizes that used to be recorded with floppy disks. The older semester had probably still intensive contact with the slightly lopsided 5.25-inch disks, while the younger ones were already allowed to deal with the representatives of size 3.5 inches. Switching controllers used to determine if a floppy disk was read-only or not and the data that could be stored on it was so small that it sometimes required entire disk sets to install work programs or games. Even if they had their haptic charm, we will probably not miss the disk because of their small storage capacity.

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CD burner - hunter-gatherer in terms of data

CD-ROM_driveAnd where we are already on the subject of data carriers: How to explain his son or daughter please the need for a CD burner, if USB sticks today but a multiple of storage space by plugging enable? Please, you had to determine which folders and contents should be burned to a CD and then has its own device irrevocably burned this data? A technology that seems to be a bit amusing even to those who experienced it.

56K modems - whistling concerts of technology

56K_ModemI can already imagine the amused face of many children when their parents play the sounds a modem made when they dialed into the Internet. Those dinosaurs from a time, which did not even provide for the cordless transmission of Internet data, seem today, with their slow connection times and the low transmission rate, like a cycle path of the data world. Nevertheless, as with the Pavlovian dogs, the technically-influenced whistling sound certainly still arouses the expectation of the desired network access. 
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